Fungus (Fungi)

The basic question when we are talking about fungus; “Is it classified into plant or animal?” According to his book entitled “Fungi: Their Nature and Uses” which is published in 1875, Mordecai Cubitt Cook stated, “Fungi are veritably and unmistakably plants, of a low organization, it is true, but still plants, developed from germs, somewhat analogous, but not wholly homologous, to the seeds of higher orders”. Recently, some biologists agree that fungi which include yeast, mold and mushrooms, represent their own kingdom – fungi are neither plants nor animals. But there is a theory which states that funguses are more closely related to animals than to plants.

Photograph by Jihan Riza Islami (Canon_Pocket Camera)

Fungi get their food from decaying material or other living thing. We can find them in winter or in rainy season on dead leaves, twigs, branches and rotten. If you want to know more about history of fungi, just read Pier A. Micheli’s book. In 1729, he first published descriptions of fungi.


Photograph by Jihan Riza Islami (Canon_Pocket Camera)

Fungus: singular form

Fungi/funguses: plural forms